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Who is Professional Translations and how is it different?

Who is Professional Translations and how is it different?

Professional Translations is one of the most important translation agencies in Romania. We are focused on technical translations and we provide services exclusively to companies. This is what we did from day one.

How are we different? Every time, we provide the same high quality specialized translations. And to be precise, our customers prefer us because they get exactly what we discussed about, without any unpleasant surprises. And here I refer to the fact that we offer them correct translation, which we deliver on the day and even at the time that we promised to deliver them, in the exact file format that our customers need, and including all their specific requirements.

The main disappointment today for companies is that they don’t always receive quality translations, and this may be due to not having the most appropriate translators involved.

We decided from the beginning that we would differentiate ourselves exactly by the high quality that we would offer, and our customers appreciate and even recommend us for this reason. At this time, we are the only translation agency in Romania offering a lifetime guarantee with respect to the quality of translations. And I believe this says a lot about how confident we are on the services that we offer.

Another thing that makes Professional Translations different is that we offer a premium service at the best price on the market. Our customers share one thing in common: they all put quality first. And the fact that we offer a premium service at the best price on the market does not make us the cheapest either. We couldn’t and we wouldn’t want to do that. What we want to offer is an excellent quality at the correct price. The interesting thing is that our translations are in the end one of the most cost-effective investments a customer can make, precisely because they don’t have to invest additional time to correct them anymore, they can use them right away.

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