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Marketing and Web Specialized Translations

Specialized marketing translations are becoming a vital element of multinational companies’ global strategy for promotion and communication.

Professional Translations offers expertise in the field of intercultural communication, in order to ensure coherence in companies’ global marketing strategy, adapted to perceptions and cultural features of the target audience.

Professional Translations offers a range of specialized professional marketing translation services. As a result of our experience in this field, we understand the particular needs of marketing translations, which despite being apparently simple from the point of view of terminology, are the most delicate from the perspective of meaning.

Marketing messages rely on the interplay between a company’s intent and the meaning received by their audience, a meaning that can literally be lost in translation. We provide a process founded upon excellent communication to ensure that your meaning comes across as you intended.

marketing translations

Types of Specialized Documents for Marketing Translations

Marketing translations cover a wide range of documents, but with the expansion of marketing and communication channels to the digital environment, translations can now support companies’ interactions on social networks, blogs, or on their own website. The messages conveyed through these media are addressed to groups of potential customers with needs and perceptions determined by the geographical area in which they live, which requires the adaptation of marketing content to meet the cultural elements specific to each target group and obtain the expected effects of communication, like strengthening brand perceptions.

Marketing translations are aimed more at adapting communication approaches from the source language into the target language, rather than specific types of documents, which is often the case for other categories of specialized technical translations. Marketing translations involve:

  • Translating the company’s website;
  • Translation and adaptation of keywords for SEO;
  • Translation of press releases;
  • Translation of online press portfolios from the company’s website;
  • Adapting the content of blogs to a foreign language;
  • Supporting communication on social networks;
  • Digital or print brochures;
  • Promotional materials for products and services;
  • Adaptation of branding elements, including mission and values;
  • Adaptation of advertising messages.

Specialized technology for marketing translations

Translation tools and translation memories play an important role in marketing projects, involving active multilingual communication. Using technology, we can maintain coherence of marketing messages. Of course, the different interpretations that a trivial term can have make a human translator’s intervention essential.

In marketing translations, the role of the human specialized translator is far more important than that of technology. The quality and accuracy of a marketing message sent to a foreign public almost exclusively maintains the linguistic and cultural sensitivity that the translator manifests towards the recipient of the marketing message.

Marketing and communication are key to a company’s growth, and in the global context of multilingual communication, multinational companies are starting to rely increasingly on professional translation services that can provide them with the support they need in order to succeed and to establish themselves in new markets, or to strengthen their brands in the local markets where they are already active.

Professional Translations supports these efforts partially with technology, but primarily by using translators specializing in the marketing and communication sector. Moreover, our translators have studied the cultural features of the groups in the geographical areas they cover in detail, and are therefore able to adapt clients’ message in order to have the desired impact.

Marketing translations undergo a similar process as other specialized translations. One exception is that usually, when the message is intended for an audience in geographical areas with strong cultural perceptions, our copywriting stage involves rewriting the message in the target language, so that it is perceived as it was conceived by marketing specialists. In order for the message’s translation to achieve its communication purposes, we recommend that the translator is involved in the development of the source materials. This enables them to the translator will have a clearer perception of the purpose of the marketing message and allows them to best achieve the goal of multilingual communication.

A technique specific to marketing translations is transcreation, a term formed by joining together “translation” and “creation,” which refers to the technique of rewriting the source text in a form adapted to the target audience.

Specialized Marketing Translators

Traducătorul are poziția centrală în proiectele de traducere pentru marketing. De aceea, traducătorul sau echipa de traducători care se va ocupa de proiectele dumneavoastră de marketing și comunicare multilingvă sunt specializați în acest domeniu și au experiență solidă acumulată în urma colaborării apropiate atât cu beneficiari direcți, companii multinaționale cu departament propriu de marketing și comunicare, cât și cu agenții specializate din domeniu care intermediază interacțiunea dintre clienții lor și publicul internațional căruia aceștia se adresează.

Our translator holds the central position in marketing translation projects. Therefore, the translator or the team of translators who will handle your marketing and multilingual communication projects are specialists in this field, and have significant experience gained from close collaboration with direct beneficiaries, multinational companies with their own marketing and communication departments, and with specialized industry agencies who intermediate the interaction between clients and the international public.

Our translators keep in mind while working the two major objectives of marketing communication translations:
• First of all, the reader or the recipient of the message must become involved in what is conveyed, in order to trigger certain sensations or needs;
• Second, the addressee of the message must be prompted to take action, which consists either in making a purchase decision or adhering to a particular point of view.

To succeed in their endeavour, translators must have all the information about the purpose of the message, about the impact it is designed to have on the specific cultural group to which it is addressed. If they did not participate in the conception stage, the client, together with the translator, will develop a glossary containing not only the terms the client prefers, but also notes on the objectives of the communication process.
Our specialized marketing translators have mastered the technique of transcreation in their target language, and therefore are able to to meet the client’s communication objectives.

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