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Robotics and Automation Specialized Translations

Professional Translations is one of the leading providers of specialized translation in the fields of robotics and automation. We focus on this area in order to respond to the needs expressed by multinational companies who have opened operational centers in Romania, attracted by the facilities offered by our economic environment. Currently, robotization and automation of production units in Romania are experiencing significant growth.

Discovering the specific translation needs of multinational companies has led us to pay particular attention to the development of professional translation services in the technical field, so as to offer our clients quality, fast, and precise translation.

robotics automation translations

Specialized Robotics and Automation Translation Document Types

A specialized field such as robotics and automation also requires a series of specific documents. Documentation in robotics is precise and clear, just as the entire industry is. This is why specific types of documents have been created for each process or operation that takes place in this area.

The main examples of documents in the field of robotics and automation are:

  • Usage and maintenance manuals;
  • Technical specifications of elements in robotics and automation processes;
  • Data sets and test methods;
  • Patents;
  • Sets of laws and rules on operation;
  • Courses specific to the handling of systems.

Robotics and Automation Specialized Terminology

We have listened to the companies that require technical translations for their global activity and have built a professional service that ensures exact transfer of meaning and content between the source and the target document. The materials used in robotics and automation are vital for the correct use and functioning of the systems or machines, and therefore quality of the translation for this sector consists in precise and consistent use of technical terminology.

In order to ensure that we meet the highest quality standards, our company has developed a translation process with measurable and transparent steps, beginning with the development of a project from its evaluation and bidding phase, continuing to execution and monitoring, and ending with the delivery of the final translation. While evaluation and quotation are carried out according to the same criteria in every field of translation, we have introduced special elements into our robotics and automation workflow to ensure the required precision in technical translations.

Once you have entrusted us with a translation project in this field, your dedicated project manager assembles an appropriate team of translators and reviewers for your documents. Thus, you can be sure that your project will benefit from the attention and dedication of professional translators who are masters of the terminology in this field, which allows us to ensure a high degree of terminological consistency throughout the project. Before starting our translation, we consult with you to choose the technical terms specific to your company and field of specialty, so that the translation and implementation of those specialized terms necessary in robotics and automation is of high precision and leads to a high-quality result that will exceed your expectations.

Robotics and Automation Specialized Translators

A project in this technical field will always be assigned to a translator or a team of translators who has undergone a test of their expertise in robotics and automation terminology, and general language skills in the target language.

Once translated, the text goes through a revision phase to ensure that terminology was used correctly, and the meaning was transferred at the highest degree of precision. The revision stage is entrusted to a robotics and automation specialist who has also demonstrated good knowledge of the specific terminology.

Whether the Romanian language is the source or the target, our specialists have the necessary technical and linguistic skills to deliver a high-quality translation.

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