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How we turned our passion for excellence into specialised translation services

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The Story Of Professional Translations

It all started with our passionate desire to provide business customers with the highest quality in their specialised translations.

At that time, many companies were disappointed due to poor quality translations they were receiving, and that was slowing them down in achieving their objectives. So we decided to do things differently, because we believed that it was possible. And we were right.

From 1 To 1,200 Highly Experienced Translators

We built a strong team of highly experienced translators who were familiar with each industry-specific terminology.

Year by year, we grew to over 1,200 translators worldwide.
When the first customers confirmed that by working with the right people, we had succeeded in moving things forward, we understood that we had raised the standards. And because we are ambitious to be the best in what we do, we went even further. We wanted to simplify the process for our customers, whenever they had a new document to translate.

Faster Delivery, Optimized Costs

We were the first translation agency in Romania to offer our customers free access to our translation management system, for secure and unlimited upload and download of their translations.

And because our customers deserve outstanding value for their money and translations delivered as fast as possible, we are now also saving significant costs for them by re-using our previous translations. This way, we are able to deliver translations more quickly than ever and at optimized costs. All while consistently ensuring high quality.

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