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How to Use Technical Translations to Win More Customers?

Are you working in a technical global company?
Then here are 3 most important things you can do to make sure you get correct and on time translations for your documentation.

CUSTOMIZE, to save Time

Some of your customers are more focused on having the user manuals or technical products sheets in their local language. While others are more concerned with having the most reliable technical support in the language they speak. Start to translate exactly what is necessary to meet the needs of every customer. And afterwards, you can add more translations to sustain you customer on the long run.

CENTRALIZE, to save Costs

Many technical documentations have such a significant repetitive content. Why not use this to save essential costs? Savings that you can invest maybe in customer trainings or other important benefits that will make you stand out. Gather all the relevant technical documentation you might need for your global business and ask your translation partner to provide relevant discounts for all this repetitive content.

COLLABORATE, to ensure Success

Some technical documents in specific fields have a very difficult and rarely known terminology. The truth is, even the most experienced technical translator might have some doubts regarding some terms. If possible, offer your support to approve and recommend to the translator the best terminology while they are translating. Only 1-2 hours a week in providing your incredibly valuable support on the terminology used, will lead to the most successful technical translation in the end.

We are happy to have helped more than 200 technical global customers with their translation challenges for the past 17 years. And we continue to do such a great job for them, also thanks to their support in efficiently planning and closely collaborating for all their translations.

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