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Specialized Technical Translations

Technical translations represent a large portion of new requests that we receive. This is why we constantly focus on specializing translators, so that we can promptly meet our client’s professional translation services needs.

Working in the technical field requires a translator to have a variety of linguistic skills, as well as specialization in the technical subfield in which they translate.

Thus, regardless of your translation projects’ industry, our team of specialized translators is always ready to provide a professional response to your technical translation needs. Translation quality and prompt delivery are the main assets that recommend us as dedicated technical translation service providers.

technical translations

Specialized Documents in Technical Translations

In the technical field, the most common examples of specialized documents requiring translation services are generally those that facilitate communication between the manufacturer and the user of the equipment:

  • product catalogues;
  • user manuals;
  • assembly instructions;
  • commissioning manuals;
  • directives, norms and standards specific to technical sectors;
  • technical specifications;

  • specialized literature for the sectors of the technical field.

Technical Areas

Specialized documents in the technical field are usually characterized by a very high degree of difficulty. For this type of translation, in-depth knowledge of the languages involved in the translation process is necessary, but not sufficient, for the translator must also be familiar with the terminology of the respective field.

The constant evolution of our services in the direction of quality and optimization of project implementation times led us to form teams of translators specializing in the specific sectors of the technical field. Thus, a translator specializing in the field of robotics and automation will always work only on projects aimed at this field, as they are able to deliver quality without compromising promptness.

The main technical sectors where we work and for which we have managed to build a sound terminological and linguistic expertise are:

Automotive Translations: an area with constant translation needs due to global expansion. Automotive translations deal with specific elements of each technical field, and therefore require a broad approach to technical translation.

IT and Software Translations: we specialize in the effective use of IT and software terminology, so we will translate and adapt your message in the most suitable way for the end user, no matter where they may be in the world.

Robotics and Automation Translations: precision plays a crucial role in this technical industry. The documents in this sector refer to operation and maintenance manuals, instructions for various types of special devices used in robotics, involving specific operation. A single misstep could lead to an operating error that would delay an entire flow of technology and entail high costs to resume normal activity.

Electrical Engineering Translations: compound the challenges of technical translation with special sensitivity of translated documents. This industry requires almost microscopic details for the optimal functioning of an assembly or electronic system. These details create specific translation requirements.

Construction Translations: precision plays a key role in this sector as well. The field of construction contains several specially formatted documents, generated by the specialized programs on which designers work. For instance, the project charts generated in AutoCad must be translated and adapted to the target language. The process of adaptation and localization also includes converting units of measurement. In this sector, translators must have engineering in addition to linguistic skills.

Specialized Technical Translations

Linguistic competence is essential in our translator recruiting process, but in order to work in a technical field, a translator must also test their industry-specific knowledge. In general, the technical documents we translate have a high degree of difficulty due to the complexity of the concepts used. This is why contribution by hyper-specialized translators is needed to ensure the high degree of precision required in all sectors of the technical field.

Each project is supported by a team coordinated by an experienced project manager and specialized translators and revisers who ensure that the quality of the target document is beyond reproach. However, in order to ensure the terminological consistency required by the sectors of the technical field, translators’ efforts are supported by advanced translation tools, such as translation memories.

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