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Future plans for Professional Translations?

Future plans for Professional Translations?

Yes, of course! We plan to expand by opening two new offices, one in the country and another one abroad. We already partner with many important companies both in Romania and in Germany, UK, Italy and other countries, and with these two new locations we want to be even closer to our customers.

Starting next year, we want to increase our internal and our external staff, that is the translators we work with, especially in those language combinations where we have seen an increasing customer demand.

Last but not least, this month we will launch an important project for us, but more important for translation customers. I can say it’s a unique project in the world we’ve been working on for some time. It is a series of short and very interesting videos, in which we will discuss about topics that we know from our experience, that concern translation clients a lot – we will tell them how to the quality of a specialized translation is ensured, what is the difference between a native and non-native translator or how long a translation should take. We are doing this because we want to raise the profession of translator to the level it deserves and because when customers are more informed, they will make better decisions for themselves in the long run. We will publish these videos both on our website, and on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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