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Specialized Legal and Commercial Translations

We support law firms, notary offices and institutions with legal and commercial translations at the highest level of accuracy and confidentiality.

We work with a team of translators with significant experience in legal and commercial terminology, which allows us to work in all sub-fields, including criminal law, civil law, administrative law and European law.

Examples of Legal and Commercial Translation Documents

  • Service provision agreements
  • Trade agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Process documentation
  • Auction documentation
  • Legislation
  • Comprehensive agreements between companies
  • Company documents
  • Partnership documentation

Legal and Commercial Specialized Terminology

We create glossaries with legal and commercial terms, validated through collaboration with our experts in the field – including lawyers and notaries – and with our clients. This ensures that, regardless of the type of document, our team of specialized legal and commercial translators specialized will use the approved terminology and achieve quality results for each of our clients.

Specialized Legal and Commercial Translators

Legal and commercial terminology is extremely precise and requires translations to include the exact same appropriate terms as the source language. We are able to translate with the highest accuracy, because we work exclusively with translators who have legal or commercial training, or with translators specializing in legal and commercial translations who work closely with lawyers or notaries, to provide the maximally accurate translations. Additionally, the translators we work with are authorized by the Ministry of Justice to authorize or notarize the translated documents for official submission.

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