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Automotive Specialized Translations for OEM, Aftermarket and Tier 1 Suppliers

Some of the world’s largest automotive companies rely on Professional Translations for correct technical translation of their documents.

We regularly participate in automotive industry fairs and events, including events for automotive manufacturers, automotive component and spare parts distributors, and innovative software providers for the automotive industry. We keep up to date with the trends and expectations of automotive customers, and we offer automotive translations of the highest quality on the best delivery terms to optimize our clients’ long-term costs.

automotive translations

Examples of Automotive Translation Documents

  • Automotive technical books;
  • Industry manufacturer websites;
  • Design specifications for parts and finished products;
  • Service manuals;
  • Training guides and online courses;
  • Presentation catalogues;
  • Marketing materials and documents;
  • Research reports.

Experience in specialized translations for the automotive field

Professional Translations offers specialized translation services for the automotive field, customized for industry-specific needs. Translation services for the automotive sector must not only provide flawlessly translated documents, but also meet tight deadlines.

With our optimized sector-specific translation process, translators well-versed in the linguistic and technical peculiarities of the sector, and project managers who excel at managing tasks and ensuring turnaround times for each stage of the project cycle, Professional Translations is one of the best performing translation service providers for the automotive field.

Specialized Automotive Translators

Our translators, who work exclusively for the automotive field, have in-depth knowledge not only on specific terminology, but also on the technical aspects of production processes and relevant regulations. Our translators are recruited after undergoing extensive testing in their field of expertise. Once recruited, if they do not have enough experience to work on complex projects, they are assigned translations with a lower degree of difficulty.

The degree of difficulty of projects assigned to a translator increases in direct proportion to their sector-specific experience. This gradual process of developing translators’ skills is foundational to our quality strategy. A project with complex demands will always be assigned to our most experienced translator to ensure that your translation meets your requirements.

Our translators are involved in several phases of the project, beyond the actual translation work. Their expertise in the field also allows them to prepare terminological glossaries as needed. Glossaries are created through discussion with the customer, in order to ensure the best product is implemented in the target document.

Automotive expertise is also a mandatory criterion for our reviewers. Our reviewers check the target document, providing a second human filter to help ensure high quality of the final translation.

Specialized automotive technology

All fields of specialized technical translation require a high degree of precision, and the automotive sector is no exception. Observing the specific terminology and maintaining fidelity of meaning is key to ensuring quality translation services. This is why we use automated translation tools, such as translation memories, that allow accurate adherence to terminology, ensuring uniformity of documents for automotive customers with long-term translation needs.

Translation memories involve storing the terminology glossaries and formulations used in a specific sector for a specific client, which facilitates translations by preserving and using the terminology and formulations across several projects. This shortens the lead times, allowing our agency to deliver high-quality translation services more quickly to best serve the needs of the dynamic automotive sector is dynamic
Of course, technology cannot handle all the elements of a translation project. We use automated translation tools to support our translator, facilitating their actual work on the project, but the human contribution, passing the documents through the linguistic filter of a specialized translator, is the essential element that creates a quality target document.

Your automotive project will benefit from the special attention of specialized translators. Our translators’ language skills and expertise in this area are supported by automated translation tools, allowing us to maintain a high degree of competitiveness in the services we provide.

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