Why Professional Translations

We believe that helping you succeed is our greatest success

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Why Us

Because we don’t just translate documents, we help you succeed.

We also know that the best relationships are based on always delivering what you promise.

That’s why, when we prepare to translate your document, we start from the purpose of your translation and consider the target group who will use it. We also take into account any preferences you have, whether preferred terminology or a company style guide. Only then, we assign the most appropriate translators, fully experienced in the industry-specific terminology and native in their language.

This way, we continuously make sure that we achieve the best results for you. And we owe our success to each of our talented and friendly team members and our more than 1,200 highly dedicated translators worldwide, who are experts in the documents they translate.

Our Commitment To Quality

We know that your translations play a significant part in the success of your company. This is how we make sure that you always receive the highest quality in your translations:

We Follow Translation Standards

At Professional Translations, we always place quality first.

That’s why all of our translators are highly familiar with the specialised industry terminology they translate. In addition to closely following quality standards, the translations are perfectly adapted to the local culture, because our linguists only translate into their native language.

We Work Only With Translators With Industry Expertise

Each industry has its own specialised vocabulary.

Our translators are either industry experts, such as engineers, doctors, lawyers or accountants, or linguists who have gained specialised knowledge while translating thousands of industry-specific documents. All this guarantees that they thoroughly understand and use the specialised language.

We Are Motivated By The Referrals From Our Customers

Customers recommend us for our consistent high-quality translations.

They also appreciate us for being experienced in meeting their specific needs. We are proud to be working for many years with some of the most prominent companies, both in Romania and worldwide, and to make a small but important contribution to their enduring success.

We Work With The Latest Translation Technology

Translation technology helps us to provide you with the highest-quality specialised translations, delivered faster than ever and at competitive costs. This is how we do it:

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