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Specialized Translations in Buildings, Installations and Architecture

We specialize in supporting construction companies, architectural offices, and construction engineering firms by offering accurate and secure translation of their documents.

Our team of translators, specialized in constructions and installations, has in-depth knowledge on industry-specific terminology and frequently consults with architectural experts and civil engineers in order to offer impeccable quality in all translations in this field.

We also work with specialized programs in this field, including AutoCad and ArchiCAD, and thus are able to translate directly into DWG formats and provide translated construction drawings and plans for our customers’ immediate use.

construction translations

Examples of Documents in Construction Translations

The construction sector involves a number of specific documents related to both the design phase, architecture and the real estate sector. Documents relevant to this field include both civil and industrial constructions. Key documents in the construction sector that we work with include:

  • DWG/DXF CAD architectural projects and plans;

  • Catalogues and data sheets for construction materials;
  • Rules, practices and execution instructions;
  • Compliance documents;
  • Documents relating to sector-specific industrial constructions;
  • Regional and international legislation on industrial and civil construction;
  • Special forms and notifications required by structure destination;
  • Projects for the structural calculation of materials’ resistance;
  • Construction material needs;
  • Documents related to construction safety.

Expertise in specialized construction translations

The construction sector offers unique challenges for translators, due to its specific needs. First of all, translation services for construction usually pertain to project design, on which the quality of execution depends.

We here at Professional Translations have been continuously developing our expertise in this field, staying up-to-date on terminology and software used for construction design.

In order to respond promptly to requests for specialized construction translations, we have assembled a team of professional translators who, along with extensive experience translating engineering documents,, have proven through their projects in-depth knowledge of terminology and computer and design programs.

Our translators are constantly working on projects of different levels of complexity, so they are up to date on the latest in constructions, immediately adopting innovations to ensure accuracy and provide the highest quality linguistic service.

Specialized Construction Technology

Specialized translation services for construction also are augmented by automated translation tools, so that the final document is delivered to the customer within the shortest possible time without compromising on quality.

The translation process takes place in the design phase of construction, preceding the execution. A design outlines how the construction will be carried out, indicates all the structural and resistance elements calculated according to the norms, and proposes technical solutions necessary for execution. Therefore, precision is vital for the final quality of the building, so that the construction work does not suffer defects that could harm its lifespan and usage.

Due to this special need for precision, the use of automated translation tools, such as translation memories, is an important asset that supports the quality and speed of the translator’s work in a construction translation project.
Translation memories allow the construction and easy use of terminology glossaries to quickly identify the most appropriate terms for a construction translation project. They also contribute to project uniformity. If a client entrusts us with several translation projects, we can provide term uniformity throughout all projects with the help of these translation memories.

By preserving the terminological line, we can ensure that your reader – most likely a contractor performing the construction work – is easily able to understand the target document.

Another element of technology that we use to support accuracy in our construction translation process is the use of specialized and automated measurement conversion tools. Depending on the source and target language, different units of measurement may be involved, which must be converted accurately, so that the target document, which will most likely be used in the execution, contains no inconsistencies with the source document.

Specialized Construction Translators

Professional Translations works with dedicated translators for each of the fields in specialized translations, and construction is no exception. We focus on the selection process of our translators, because we want to work only with the best of the best in their field.

Each translator is tested before we entrust them with their first construction translation project, ensuring that their skills, competencies and expertise match our customers’ qualitative requirements. While our selection process is rigorous, we offer our collaborating translators the possibility to developing their level of expertise in their field, by gradually allocating increasingly complex projects.

Our project manager assigns translators projects according to their level of expertise, as determined by testing. A new translator will always receive a project in accordance with their expertise, and the degree of difficulty will increase in direct proportion to experience gained.

Our specialized construction translators combine their extensive skills with knowledge of legislation in the country in whose language they translate, so that they can localize the source document and adapt it to the realities of the sector in the country for which the target document is intended. Thus, they surpass the limits of translations and enter the area of localization, of adapting the translation to the particularities of the specific construction field and allowing for best use by the target audience.

Construction expertise is a crucial element for our reviewers as well. Each project, once translated, is entrusted to specialized reviewers who pass the document through their own filter of specialized knowledge, identifying and correcting any mistakes, so that the final document meets the highest standards.

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