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Specialized IT and Software Translation

We help software companies in Romania and across Europe successfully localize and sell the programs and applications that they develop.

With the help of our team of translators, engineers, and programmers with significant experience in IT and software, we have been closely supporting numerous highly successful global projects.

software localization

Examples of IT and Software Translation Documents

  • Technical documentation for various applications
  • Installation guides
  • Software training materials
  • Software support manuals
  • Tutorials
  • GUIs
  • System messages

Specialized IT and Software translation terminology

Professional Translations specializes in the effective use of terminology in IT and software. We can translate and adapt your message for the end user, no matter where they are in the world. Today, as our lives become more digital, the need for process automation is increasing. Mobile phones have become our close assistants, and software and applications that help us effectively in our day-to-day activities are continually being developed.

Virtual space has elicited massive interest and attention, and the need to bring technology closer to people has grown immensely. More than 75% of Internet users would not buy a product unless the information about it was in their native language. Moreover, if users feel that the information has been poorly translated and does not sound natural and adapted to the specifics of their culture, they will choose another product.

IT and Software Specialist Translators

Thanks to our team of translators familiar with IT and software terminology, as well as experts who are native speakers of the languages into which we translate and localize information, we successfully support our clients in launching their applications and programs around the world.

Our translators are involved in multiple phases of the project, beyond the actual translation work. Their expertise in the field also allows them to prepare terminological glossaries as needed. Glossaries are created through discussion with the customer, in order to ensure the best product is implemented in the target document.

IT and software expertise is also a mandatory criterion for our reviewers. Our reviewers check the target document, providing a second human filter to help ensure high quality of the final translation.

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