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Specialized Financial, Economic and Banking Translations

Our expertise in translations for the banking sector, online payments, internet banking, economic and financial law, and economic documents, makes us a reliable partner for this field.

We provide top translators specialized in economics and finance. We understand the need for precision in these areas, especially from the perspective of multilingual communication.

Although banking and economics appears to be a field dominated by numbers, words play a very important role for industry translation: they are the determining factor in the correct interpretation of a contract, or a report of a foreign company or division’s financial situation.

Maintaining accuracy in financial translations requires immense sensitivity and knowledge of linguistic features, challenges that only a specialist with solid economic and financial training can face. Terms’ meanings, possible meanings, and syntax are all variables that could distort the meaning of a document in this field.

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Examples of Economic and Financial Translation Documents

Like any specialized field, the economic and financial sector involves a number of standardized documents, designed and drawn up according to a set of clear rules which will have to be observed in the target document. In order to establish a set of rules for drafting documents in this field, we have identified a number of types, depending on their destination and usefulness.

The main types of economic and financial documents are:

  • Yearly financial reports;
  • Financial statements;
  • Mutual fund reports;
  • Reports and banking contracts;
  • Contracts and addenda governing commercial relations;
  • Contracts for the insurance of movable and non-movable assets;
  • Accounting documents;
  • Legal documents necessary for the operation of companies;
  • Economic and commercial law documents;
  • Audit reports.

Specialized Economic and Financial Terminology

The economic and financial field requires exact terminology, supplemented by the translator’s expertise in the field. Therefore, Professional Translations works only with specialized translators, who prove in-depth knowledge in the specific terminology of the field, so that they can translate all types of documents from the source language into the target language, making an accurate and qualitative information transfer so that the target document leaves no room for interpretation.

To support a qualitative translation process for economic and financial translations, we use computer-assisted translation tools that allow us to build a broad terminology base for each specific area of the field, so that we can deliver qualitative translations within the shortest time.

All the steps of the translation process are applied regardless of the field of the translation project entrusted to us, and are carefully planned, coordinated and verified by your project manager. Due to the special nature of economic and financial documents, our project manager will select translators with the highest level of expertise in particular field from our specialized translator database, who have mastery not only of specific terminology, but also of applicable legal regulations, or legal issues introduced in the text.

An error in the interpretation of a term or information in the source document can seriously impair the usefulness of the target document, and so each document undergoes a revision stage before delivery. Once translated by a translator or a team of translators, the document will be forwarded to reviewers specialized in terminological and linguistic features of the economic and financial field in the target language. The reviewer shall ensure that the document is accurate and has all the elements needed in order to be relevant to the target language audience.

Translators specializing in economics and finance

The translator or translators who will be in charge of your economic or financial translation project have a high degree of specialization in this field, which consists not only of terminology, but also experience gained from a sustained collaboration on projects specific to economics and finance in the target language.

Our translators have the necessary expertise to compile a terminology glossary if you do not already have one, containing preferred terms established from previous projects. In the long run, the glossary helps keep a uniform style of translation across all your documents.
Our reviewers possess the same financial-sector skills and knowledge, so once the entire translation process has been completed, the target document will be of the highest quality.

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