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Specialized Pharmaceutical Translations

Many leading pharmaceutical companies rely on Professional Translations for accurate and confidential translation of their documents.

We have created a team of translators with more than 10 years of experience in pharmaceutical translations, and we successfully manage to produce pharmaceutical translations of the highest quality.

The translators in our pharmaceutical team consult closely with pharmacists and chemists so that the terminology in the pharmaceutical translations we provide is accurate and appropriate every time.

pharmaceutical translations

Examples of Documents in Pharmaceutical Translations

  • Research and development reports;
  • Patents and innovations;
  • Pharmaceutical studies;
  • Pharmaceutical marketing;
  • Legislation for putting medicinal products on the market;
  • Post-marketing surveillance of medicinal products;
  • Test documentation.

Specialized terminology in pharmaceutical translations

In the pharmaceutical field, translated documentation is crucial for describing the relevant compounds and the effects of medicines and studies that are launched on the market, so we create and use glossaries of pharmaceutical terms with the recommendations of our clients and experts to ensure precision.

Specialized Pharmaceutical Translators

Together with our team of experienced translators, we are able to deliver the highest quality translations to our clients, at their preferred delivery times, so that they can launch their products on time. In addition, we handle every document with the utmost caution to ensure proper confidentiality, every time.

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