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Electrical Engineering Specialized Translations

We provide two different services tailored to the specific linguistic needs of electronics and electrotechnics companies: first, we provide quality translation of internal documents for use by internal team, and second, we provide services to help the device’s end user. All electronics currently on the market are supported in some way by translation, both in their manufacture and in their use.

Widespread electronic instruments require clear documents with precise technical terms, so that the end user of a refrigerator, computer, tablet, DVD player, television or other electronic product or appliance has at least one multi-language user’s manual, enabling them to help their appliance perform optimally and have a long service life.

electrical engineering translations

Examples of Electrical Engineering Translation Documents

  • Interfaces for TV sets, monitors and other video playback devices;
  • Interfaces for GPS devices;
  • Computer and peripheral interfaces;
  • Production procedures and instructions;
  • Web interfaces for support;
  • Service books for SMT (surface mounting technology) equipment;
  • User manuals and technical product sheets;

Specialized technology for electronics and electrotechnics

In order to provide professional translation services of the highest quality and accuracy, we have introduced automated translation tools in our translation process, which allow us to comply with customer requirements regarding project lead times. Although these tools are not autonomous, they support a translator’s work in order to efficiently complete each project.

The most common feature of translation technology is translation memories, which allow the construction of a broad terminology base. A well-documented terminology base will save the translator time, and therefore ensure faster turnaround.
The translation memory technology we use is the industry leader, SDL Trados. These memories allow us to build a technological base specific to electronics and electrotechnics, while at the same time taking advantage of the efficiency it offers to create competitive cost proposals for customers who establish new long-term agreements with us.

The technology always assists one or more translators specialized in the electronics and electrotechnics sector, so that the project you entrust to us will be completed to the highest quality standards. In addition to the assistance of the translator or the team of translators, supported by translation technology, your project will go through a revision phase, in which a reviewer specialized in electronics, electrotechnics, and the specific terminology of the sector in the target language, will check the entire document to ensure that no errors occurred during the translation process.

Using human expertise supported by specialized translation technologies, we can ensure the high-quality standards essential to the functionality of a document translated into a foreign language.

Translators specializing in electronics and electrotechnics

Our translators have solid expertise in the technical or specialized sectors in which they work, and the field of electronics and electrotechnics is no exception. Each translator we collaborate with is selected following a rigorous process, which involves testing foreign language skills and industry-specific terminology knowledge. We select only the best in order to we provide our clients with fast and quality translations.

Our translators are experienced in localization, a process that allows the source document to be adapted to the cultural peculiarities of the target audience. Thus, the information in the document will be perceived by the recipients more clearly, without ambiguities of language or expression that could endanger the proper and safe use of electronic equipment.

Their expertise in the field of electronics and electrotechnics allows our translators to offer suggestions and proposals to build the terminological basis for the projects they are working on. The terminology glossary built by us or provided by the customer contributes decisively to the degree of precision found in the target text. Once built, the terminology base can be developed and used in the client’s future projects, which will provide the translator with important assistance that will manifest in rapid project implementation timelines.

Our translators have experience in translating both documents intended for mass use – i.e., documents that will reach the end user of the product – and internal industry documents that refer to complex instructions and procedures from the stages of product development and production. These are radically different types of documents, which call for distinct linguistic approaches.

While the language of documents intended for industry can be strictly technical, end user documents must simplify their register so that maintenance and usage instructions are as clear and easy to read as possible. A translator specialized in this field will always know how to differentiate the two registers and to approach the project according to their target audience.

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