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How does Professional Translations ensure quality translations?

How does Professional Translations ensure quality translations?

A quality service always starts with the people involved, that’s why we are very careful that both our team and the translators we work with are professionals. The quality of a translation depends to a large extent on the translators you choose to work with. And if you work with just about anybody, then you can expect comical translations or translations that are so wrong as to be unusable, unless you want to compromise the image of your company.

We’ve decided from the very beginning that we will only work with the best translators; and to make that happen, we follow a very demanding process of selecting the translators we accept in our team. I can say that of the translators who apply to work with us and whom we invite for recruitment, only 30% qualify at the quality level we require. Only with these translators we go further.

To support the same high quality objective, we assign for each document the translator who has experience in that field and knows the appropriate specialized terminology. Additionally, we form dedicated translation teams for each customer so that the same translator translates for the same customer.

Another way we ensure quality is the technology we use. And I here refer to the fact that all our translators are using software that memorizes the translations they make. Then, with the help of these programs, they keep the same correct specialized terminology in their translations, from start to finish.

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