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How do we see the translation market today

How do we see the translation market today

It’s a market with great potential, continuously growing: those studying its development have come to the conclusion that over the past 9 years, the global translation market has doubled in value, and this is also valid in Romania, thanks to the new multinational companies coming every year but also to the increasing volume of information.

However, the major challenge that translation customers are facing today, and we as a translation provider are facing as well, is that, unfortunately, there is no standard imposed on the market, a standard that regulates what a quality translation is and how it is assessed, a standard that customers could know as well. As a consequence, without it being their fault, customers choose the best price offer and receive instead a translation with disappointing quality. Then, on top of this disappointment, they need to invest their personal time to bring the translation to the level of their expectations. Another example comes from the customers I meet at technical fairs, who tell me that sometimes, they feel they need to translate the materials by themselves just not to be unpleasantly surprised. This is not normal.

The good part is that there are translation agencies like ours, and these will be those who will remain, I think, on the market in the long run, precisely because we understand what a quality translation is and we are willing to invest in the best translators and technology. All these so we can offer our customers a translation that will fit their objectives.

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