Translation time: how long does it actually take?

Everything in our life is set to be done at high-speed. This is the truth. No matter what are involved in – we have adapted to this rushed life-style. Every move we make is like being on a fast train. A few stops and even fewer stops to actually acknowledge, think, enjoy, feel. It’s become a fast-forward life and because of this we have managed to rush almost everything in our life. Even if, in some case, rushing is not an option. We have learnt to take no for an answer.

Jobs-Report-Being-Extremely-StressedThis „NO” attitude and constant rush may not always lead to the best outcome. Sure, we made it happen most of times, but with some things, tasks… you just have to take a step back, breath and admit… I cannot rush this and I cannot put any more pressure on the people around me to finish something that needs a certain time to actually finish.

How did we come to this conclusion? Well, part of it is our life also and we too deal with things that need to be rushed, but when it comes to translation, we can say that translation is really something you cannot rush.

Professional Translations has dealt with translations for the past decade and throughout this period we’ve come across a variation of deadlines and projects. When it comes to tight deadlines surrounding big volume projects there’s only one way to look at this. You must simply have to ask yourself if you want to obtain an excellent translation or a rather good one.
Some translations – according to their volumes, of course – can actually be performed in the nick of time, but with larger projects, the approach is very different. For the sake of getting the best outcome, you have to know the fact that the better you plan your translation schedule, it will we easier and more cost effective to receive an excellent translation. We know that sometimes planning ahead cannot always be of service, due to impromptu received translations and we completely understand. These are the situations when your dedicated project manager will build the most efficient linguists team to handle the translation in an extremely short period of time.

We remember one very challenging and interesting technical project of over 1 million words that we translated from English into Romanian, for which we assigned four experienced translators working at the same time, one reviser and one desktop publishing specialist. The project had to be delivered in a less than six months before a trade fair. Our team extracted the technical terminology from the original document, translated it, had it approved by our customer. Then the project started, having each file once translated, revised by the reviser and then arranged as the original layout. The communication between the team and our project manager was incredibly efficient and the customer was happy to have the manuals ready for the trade fair, being appreciated by his customers for the excellent choice of technical terminology and accuracy of the entire translation.

Moving on with some further recommendations, aside from a schedule that must be taken into consideration, the fact that one translator can translate between 8 and up to 10 pages per day, it is also important to know that some translators may not work during weekends and this is actually quite normal. J

Another interesting aspect that is crucial for you to know about “translation time” is the fact that the delivery time can be significantly reduced if the documents you provide are in an editable format. All our linguists work with very reliable translation software that can help with large volumes. This offers support in a real manner, it offers consistency, accuracy, impeccable layout of the final product and above all – it reduces the duration of finalizing a translation project by 50%. Thus, if your documentation is handled with the support of Computer Assisted translation tools, your benefits will exceed your expectations: time efficiency, saving costs and consistent high-quality throughout all your translations.

We really do hope that this article has managed to offer a larger view why translations should not be rushed, but rather performed in an organized and well-established manner… so that both parties obtain the best outcome: excellent translations for you and very satisfied clients for us! J


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