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How to translate much faster and with better results?

Translations have become an industry. An industry without which major brands around the world cannot extend their products across their country borders. Their development on a global scale would be grounded and plane. And what’s more, companies all around the world would not get the opportunity to spread their wings and reach out to so many people that would surely embrace their products.

As a professional translations agency, we have acknowledged that translations play an important role and that with each new year we too thrive for better results, better solutions when it comes to saving time and costs so that our clients – old and new – can benefit 100% from having trusted us with translating  their documentation . From what some of our customers have shared with us regarding their previous experience, we know how critical a situation might get if the assigned translation agency does not perform its job as it should and as the client is entitled to – and that is why we find ourselves in continuous progress – so that our customers may always get the result that matches or exceeds their expectations. That’s why, we believe that the passion to become better and better is essential for a translation agency if they want to help their customers achieve the best results over and over again.

speed_clock_mobLarge volumes can be handled faster and faster.

Company documents come in all shapes and sizes. Important as it is – the expertise of the translation agency in the field of the documentation to be handled is the most critical concern for most customers, in the sense that they ask their translation provider if a particular field of expertise or domain can be properly handled.

Sometimes customers ask for test translations to check in advance if the translation team owns the necessary experience with the specific terminology and style. From our point of view, all these can only confirm that customers are becoming more and more aware of the long term value of a translation and that they are ready to grant the right importance to it.

Sizable volumes also represent an interest point for new clients in search for the best translation partner to ensure a high quality translation of a large volume in a very short period of time.  Such projects should always be handled with great care, since the result must return the highest value for the customer and its brand even if there is the pressure of time.

Computer assisted technology in translations. Good to have or a must have?

In a world where almost everything is computer based – the translation sector could not have been left behind. Therefore, over the past decade – a highly specialized computer assisted technology has been developed to ease the job of translators worldwide.

So, what exactly is computer assisted technology ? How does it work and how can you benefit from it?

First we would like to point the fact that the there hasn’t been created a software which allows you to insert a text of your desire and obtain a trustworthy translation. Sure, it would sound very interesting, however, at this given moment in life – such a software does not exist. There still seems to be a long way until such a tool will be available, that is why translators are still the best choice when you need to translate your specialized documentation. They bring years and years of experience in softly understanding the text, its true meaning, the target audience and are able to connect all the dots to achieve the desired result by each customer.

Since  no machine is smart enough or high-tech enough yet to provide a 100% accurate translation – computer assisted technology in the world of translations is without any doubt a definite must because it helps the linguist obtain the best results possible, in the sense that: a content once translated – will be automatically inserted in the future segments if this content is found anywhere throughout the text; a linguist can create a term base – where all preferred terms will be safely regarded for future translations; and another example of how beneficial this tool is – is the fact that the linguist can create translation memories – for content that can be further on used in any other documents received from the same client.

Moreover, these procedures also imply a significant cost reduction of all future content received from the same party. So besides being able to have your documentation translated in a short period of time, you may also benefit from saving significant costs for it.

Having to translate faster and with better results can be a real challenge. However we feel  that it is possible, if one has the appropriate resources, both human and technological. Experience based on this fact is also the understanding that we, as a professional translation agency with over 11 years of experience in the industry, are able to achieve this for our customers time and time again.  And we are sure that the proof of the great results is most definitely our customers’ long term cooperation and their success.


Why freelance translators are one of our most valuable resources.

Professional Translations has dedicated its expertise and resources so that clients around the world can benefit from the greatest experience when it comes to a long term partnership with a specialized language provider.

We strive for the best results in terms of overall collaboration, assistance throughout an ongoing translation project and interesting benefits specially created for our most loyal clients.

We believe that sharing key values and similar vision of our companies can get us to experiencing the best outcome. Professionalism, quality translations and a good balance between the services that we provide and the afferent rates represent the key ingredients of a worthy translation agency.

We consider ourselves very lucky – as a translation agency. Our longtime expertise and success is based on great people, hardworking, passionate and always wanting to offer the best. Over the past 10 years we’ve managed to establish solid partnerships with resources that have overcome our expectations and our clients as well. This is why – today – we’ve thought that you would be interested in getting to know a little better what it really means to be a true professional. A true freelance translator. An insight upon this matter from one of our most valuable resources.

Q: Tell us a few things about yourself (a brief introduction of yourself as a person – what you like, what you enjoy doing in your free time, music, food …enough so that the readers can get to know you a little better).

I would start by saying I am just a normal person. I’m a mother, a translator and a wife. And I try to be the best I can be in each of these roles. My friends know me as an open person, who likes to solve puzzles whenever I have the time and who enjoys spending time with people.

how-to-find-your-dream-jobQ: When did you first realized that you wanted to become a translator ? What triggered that inner belief about yourself?

We used to translate quite a lot during college. Of course, we focused on literature and that was pretty much all the experience I had when I started working as a translator. As an actual translator, I discovered that college translations had nothing to do with specialized translations and I still remember the test I took at the beginning. It proved me, despite what I strongly believed about myself, that I didn’t really know English. It took me 30 minutes, maybe more, to translate what today I translate in a few minutes. I remember that at the beginning I used to search 3 out of 5 words in the dictionary and it took me some time to learn the specifics of translations. I had a wonderful employer who had the patience to teach me and guide me and what started as a way to make some money to afford further education turned into more than just a job. You don’t know what being a translator means until you are one and, even if sometimes it is really difficult, it is also a wonderful job because you always get to learn new things.

Q: What is your favorite part about being a freelance translator?

What I like about being a translator is that I learn new things with almost every project. I’ve learned so many things over the years that I can talk to doctors, engineers, pilots and many, many other professionals. There are things I’ve learned and I use in my everyday life. As a freelance translator, the best part was that I could specialize in certain domains, according to my skills. Nobody can do everything, just as a translator cannot be good in every single field and being my own boss helped me in finding the projects I am good at. For instance, I don’t translate IT projects because I believe there are other translators who can do a better job.

Q: Give us a few details regarding your impression over the idea of becoming a freelance translator? How can this job benefit a future graduate from a Letters University, for instance?

R: I tell every person interested in becoming a translator that being a translator means hard work and again hard work. I think every graduate in this field must know and digest the fact that being a translator is not easy. You must enjoy it and you must be willing to spend hours of research for a project of 2 pages. Translating is not just about putting a text from one language to another. It’s also about knowing the culture of the people, the customs and tradition. It’s about staying sometimes awake at night thinking on how to best deal with a project. I remember a project I had a few years ago. I was supposed to translate some activities for preschool children. I wasn’t a mother then and I had no idea about how it should sound like. It also had some rhymes in it that I had to somehow translate to give them meaning in the target language (lucky me it was Romanian). I tried to do my best at the time, but today, after years of motherhood and cartoons, I realize I didn’t do all that well. Translations are about learning and learning, every day, from TV, internet, books, your everyday life, even movies. The translator is a sponge absorbing information from everything around him.

Q:What does being a part of the Professional Translations’ team – most specifically being a specialized linguist within this company – mean to you?

Well… a team means communication and knowing the others in the team. And I think it’s safe to say that I succeeded in becoming what I am now, a translator specialized (mainly) in technical translations, also because of the project managers I’ve worked with. It is, therefore, important for me to maintain this connection by meeting every deadline, by means of efficient communication and giving the respect people I work with deserve.

Q: Explain how did your relationship with PT evolve over the past 3 years – time in which you have become one of Professional Translations’ top experts in terms of translations.

The thing I most appreciate is that I can always discuss with my project managers. About technical issues, time management and any other thing affecting my work. Working closely with the same project managers, as a team, helped me gain confidence in what we can achieve and to rely on them in case of problems. And they got to know me, what I can do and how fast I can do it. So we save time, we deliver quality translations and enjoy the mutual benefits.

Q: How did you find the translation jobs that have been assigned to you by the company’s Project Managers over the past 3 years? Did the volumes or areas of expertise of each document represent any type of challenge?

I don’t know how many people know this, but we, translators, take tests on a regular basis to establish the areas of expertise. And depending on the results of such tests, recorded in a data base, we are assigned projects from various areas. As I said before, no translator is perfect in all areas of expertise so specializing in just a few is the best thing. Even so, every project is somehow a challenge because of the text or layout or something. A small project can be as challenging as a project keeping you busy for a whole month. It all depends on how you deal with it. I personally pay the same attention to each project and I am always trying to deliver the best translation. The size doesn’t matter. Every project is just as important.

Q:What were your expectations in regards to PT – about 3 years ago when you were recruited as a translator?

I didn’t believe at the beginning I would work for so long with PT… I didn’t think I was fit for the company and their demands. I was little and they were so big! I remember that during the first year I only had a few projects for them. But I sure hoped I would have the opportunity to show them I could and in time, hard work and communication eventually took us where we are today.

Q:Was there any particular situation in which you were the most proud of yourself, of your work and which is worth mentioning (translation wise)?

The first time I really felt proud of me was when my employer was selected as translation agency by a major international client after a test translation I performed. It was the first time my work gained official recognition. It was the moment I started believing I was a good translator with many opportunities waiting for me. The second time was after I started working with PT, when a client specifically asked for me to perform a project after delivering a previous project and the client was highly satisfied with my work. Other than that, I am proud of my work whenever I see it on websites or other places. Even if my name is not there, I know it is my work and I am always proud that a piece of me helped build something.

Q: How do you see yourself today in comparison to the freelance translator you were five years ago and how do you see yourself in the future?

I am definitely a far better translator than I was five years ago. I’ve learned so much from every project… and the future will bring me even more. I will most probably do the same thing I do today, I will translate for the benefit of people, learning, searching, typing. Someone recently offered me the position of project manager within a translation agency given the hard work I put in every project. I said no. I am not a project manager. I am a translator. And translators translate, they do not coordinate projects. I actually love my job and for now I do not see myself doing something else.


On behalf of all members of Professional Translations – we would like to take this opportunity and say “Thank you, Alina C.!” 🙂


Gain better market share through translation

Translations. Are they really so important? Why so important and why is it imperative that you find the best partner in terms of who handles the translation of your company documents? – how do you feel about gaining better market share through translation?

Translations are important not simply because we have handled thousands of translation projects for different types of clients and thus we have managed to complete a winning circle for our clients, but rather because we know what a significant impact translations can have over your company’s market share if they are performed accordingly.

Try to picture this entire world without translations and only then will you be able to understand the importance and the necessity of translation. In the words of Anthony Burgess – „Translation is not a matter of words only: it is a matter of making intelligible o whole culture.” We praise the words of this brilliant British writer and critic and we ask you to let us guide you through the path of obtaining better market share through this exact process: translations.

How many languages does your website “speak”?

Gaining market share is an aggressive strategy business owners use to strengthen their organizations while weakening competitors. Securing more customers for yourself means increasing revenues for your company and decreasing revenues for others. Increasing market share is not a one shot action, but a sustained process that needs a clear strategy, consistent approach and continuous improvement.

It is without a doubt that, but having your company’s documentation be handled by a specialized translation agency could help your company in so many ways. Let’s take the website of your company – for instance –  and reflect upon its overall image. If your company is located in Germany and the company website is translated in at least one international known language – your company will have a better chance of being selected as a future business partner by someone – simply because the information provided on your website made sense to a non-speaking German person.

As the internet has revolutionized the development of any business, companies that want to reach a larger group of people, also outside the borders of their country, have invested more and more into the globalization of their products and services. It’s only natural that people from all over the world would want to have access to pertinent and clear information without having to deal with only one language material, sometimes one that is not familiar to them at all. 

Better market share through translation? Yes, indeed!

Still, one of the most important tools by which your company could gain better market share is to translate all important marketing documentation into the mother tongue of the new audience that your company targets. Having the possibility to promote your company’s products in a different country than your own – is a huge responsibility. Whether your marketing documentation will be printed or available online, it most certainly implies a sustained investment. However, you can control these costs once you work with a language provider that is also focused on saving as many costs as possible for you. This appropriate language provider can ensure that the content already translated will be re-used with no other additional costs. And by the use of state of the art computer assisted software – it is very easy to accomplish that. Moreover, they can guide you in optimizing the strategy of translating your entire documentation within the preferred deadlines and with the highest return of investment.

All in all, when searching for a certain product or service, people nowadays have countless options to choose from, even if they will buy it or have it delivered from abroad. Customers have become highly informed before they buy something and this means that the opportunity for companies to be visible and trustworthy lies in how they communicate to their target audience.

Thus, communicating in the language of your customers through accurate and culture adapted translations should be an essential part of any business development plan that will have the highest chances of turning into a real success.


Ensure appropriate technical terminology in your translation

Everyone knows how challenging it can be to make sure that whoever handles a certain task – does it well from the beginning and will ensure a proper quality time and time again.

The same goes when deciding to outsource your company’s translations. At first you will experience a feeling of uncertainty, you will worry and ask yourself more questions with every step you take in closing a long term partnership with a translation agency.


We take pride in the fact that for the past 10 years  – clients from all over the world have made the right call when it comes to selecting their partner to carefully and professionally handle their translations – and found what they were looking for in Professional Translations.

There is no limit or boundary to what this business area has to offer and many translation agencies strive for the exact same things as we do, but we strongly feel that in your search to find the perfect fit is to identify the key ingredient which best applies to your values and goals.

A professional and reliable support system in terms of translations should offer a whole package and then some (delivering a translation project a couple of days earlier than the established deadline, the dedicated Project Managers whom are ready to provide guidance and the best advice in terms of obtaining the best results etc). In your search you should pay attention on the type of services this potential translation agency has to offer, company values, consulting services, specialized linguists that have background experience, a unique person with whom you will be in touch for all your upcoming translation projects and nonetheless rates that are and always will be competitive. Another important aspect to keep in mind when you begin your search for the perfect fit – when it comes to selecting the appropriate translation agency – is to look for testimonials on behalf of their clients. People which have found a reliable source, transparent and always ready to deliver quality services – have no reason to lie or to give out testimonials for granted.


Knowing that you’ve found the right partner that will strive to make you happy every single time is just as rewarding as finding the job of your dreams. Technical fields of expertise aren’t for everyone and that’s ok. Not everyone is “designed” to carry out intricate technical work in their lifetime.

So, picture this: a prepared documentation by a certain technical team from within your company is due to be translated. Imagine the outcome once you receive your translated documentation and realize that a lot of key factors were not taken into consideration by the assigned linguist: consistency in the terminology used,  the message of certain phrases is misleading, the incorrect use of technical terminology and the lack of overall comprehension of the text. This would not be such a pretty picture.

A specialized translation agency which has handled thousands of technical translation projects is something you should be looking for when closing a partnership with a translation agency due to the fact that a specialized translation agency will make sure to assign the most qualified linguists to handle the job. We speak about assigning the appropriate linguists because it is crucial to make sure that a technical documentation is handled by experienced linguists which furthermore have a background in the field of your documentation.

Linguists which have a serious background in the technical department are the type of translators that also have over a decade of experience in translation projects and know the ins and outs of areas like robotics, automotive, medical equipment, manufacturing, packaging, welding, forging and so on. We would like to take this opportunity and stress out the fact that these are not areas of expertise fit for just any linguist. A professional translations agency will know to assign a specific linguist which is specialized in one of two areas of expertise, due to the fact that such a linguist will more familiar with certain technical terminology.

That’s why your go-to, perfect fit translation agency has also done its homework in terms of recruiting the best of the best. Thoroughness, tests, interviews, background checks, complete verification of all documents are things we rely on when placing our confidence in the people that will eventually handle your translations.

We’d like to think that by debating the theme of how you can ensure appropriate technical terminology of your documents within this article – we’ve managed to meet your needs so that you take into consideration all aspects when it comes to translations. Technical translations in particular. Finding the right translation agency which follows the above mentioned guidelines represents your insurance. In this case, at least! J


Q&A session: get to know your dedicated PM (part 2)

Professional Translations has dedicated its expertise and resources so that clients around the world can benefit from the greatest experience when it comes to a long term partnership with a specialized language provider.

We strive for the best results in terms of overall collaboration, assistance throughout an ongoing translation project and interesting benefits specially created for our most loyal clients.

We believe that sharing key values and similar vision of our companies can get us to experiencing the best outcome. Professionalism, quality translations and a good balance between the services that we provide and the afferent rates represent the key ingredients of a worthy translation agency.

Aside from these key ingredients – Professional Translations strongly believes that the people from within the company are the true pillars and foundation. Without them – little things would be possible. This is why – today – we’ve thought that you would be interested in getting to know a little better the people from within the company, the Project Managers with whom you have developed a wonderful and lucrative collaboration.

As last week you got to know your dedicated Senior Project Manager – Georgiana Barb, today you will have the opportunity to get to know our Project Manager – Ramona Szime.

12032003_10153103047530308_4553233863007136668_nQ: Tell us a few things about yourself (a brief introduction of yourself as a person – what you like, what you enjoy doing in your free time, music, food …enough so that your clients can get to know you a little better).

A: I’m married, almost 30 and I’m a proud mommy of an almost 4 year old girl. That would almost sum it up, but in addition I like writing articles, I like baking and cooking all kinds of pasta and I’m obsessed with accents of American descent. I will never get tired of Greece and fashion. Reading has become a luxury since my daughter was born – but, I still enjoy it when I have some spare time.

Q: What does being a part of the Professional Translations’ team – most specifically being a PM within this company – mean to you?

A: Being a part of this wonderful family for the past 2 years – I’ve learnt that there is the possibility of getting up in the morning from Monday through Friday and not feeling I should call in sick. I love everything about PT. I love everything about my job and I feel I belong here.

Q: What were your expectations about 2 years ago when you were hired as a PM?

A: My expectations were not that high about two years ago – as I was finishing my maternity leave period and I just hoped and prayed I’d get a decent job where I could still rediscover myself – professionally. My expectations were deceived, because it only took one interview and I felt like I was on the right path. J

Q: What is your favorite part about being a PM?

A: I love the everyday challenges this job entitles. I love establishing a long term relationship with new clients which are not to keen about outsourcing their translations. Like I said, I love many things about my job, so I wouldn’t be able to surround myself with only one favorite part. J

Q: What can your clients (old and new) expect from a Project Manager from Professional Translations?

A: At the end of the day I can only say that I strive to make a difference. I strive for deceiving overall (negative) expectations and once we get to talk it’s really up to my skills to convince you that you’ve come to the right place.

Q: Tell us a little bit about the relationship with your clients. (your ongoing collaboration for the past 2 years)

A: I like to think that respect and transparency are the things that characterize the relationship I have managed to establish with my clients. Once you have grounded these two ingredients – the rest just follows.

Q: Was there any particular situation in which you were the most proud of yourself, of your work and which is worth mentioning?

A: My most rewarding days are those in which I have managed to convert a lead or a potential client into a long term partner. Sometimes it’s hard and tricky and it implies that you really know what you’re doing, but at the end of the day it’s a great feeling knowing that such an important client has seen very clearly the picture you were trying to sell.

Q: Almost 2 years have past… how is Ramona Szime, the Project Manager, doing in comparison to Ramona Szime which first got hired?

A: I’ve learnt over the past two years that I am capable of many things. I’ve discovered some abilities that I had no idea were a part of me. This is why it’s been such a fun ride… I’ve learnt a lot of things and grown as an individual. It’s the most rewarding feeling.


Q&A session: get to know your dedicated PM (part 1)

Professional Translations has dedicated its expertise and resources so that clients around the world can benefit from the greatest experience when it comes to a long term partnership with a specialized language provider.

We strive for the best results in terms of overall collaboration, assistance throughout an ongoing translation project and interesting benefits specially created for our most loyal clients.

We believe that sharing key values and similar vision of our companies can get us to experiencing the best outcome. Professionalism, quality translations and a good balance between the services that we provide and the afferent rates represent the key ingredients of a worthy translation agency.

Aside from these key ingredients – Professional Translations strongly believes that the people from within the company are the true pillars and foundation. Without them – little things would be possible. This is why – today – we’ve thought that you would be interested in getting to know a little better the people from within the company, the Project Managers with whom you have developed a wonderful and lucrative collaboration.

So, without any further ado – we would to invite you to get to know your dedicated Project Manager.

12109246_10153103046555308_8444171775578931198_nSenior Project Manager – Georgiana Barb

Q: Tell us a few things about yourself (a brief introduction of yourself as a person – what you like, what you enjoy doing in your free time, music, food …enough so that your clients can get to know you a little better).

A: I am an optimistic person, open to everything new, a person who loves traveling, reading, and the best way to relax and recharge my batteries with energy and good mood is to listen to the waves of the sea 🙂

Q: What does being a part of the Professional Translations’ team – most specifically being a PM within this company – mean to you?

A: Wonderful colleagues, real professionals and always there for me, plus a constant challenge as far as the PM work is concerned.

Q: What were your expectations about 4 years ago when you were hired as a PM?

A: Since I wanted a professional change, my expectations were to successfully handle the new challenge and to professionally develop in a field which was new for me.

Q: What is your favorite part about being a PM?

A: Complex projects, requiring several stages, from making the offer and up to the feedback received from the client after delivering the projects.

Q: What can your clients (old and new) expect from a Senior Project Manager from Professional Translations?

A: The same person, only better prepared to handle the delicate situations.

Q: Tell us a little bit about the relationship with your clients. (your ongoing collaboration for the past 4 years)

A: Like everywhere else, clients are different and special at the same time. You must understand each of them, offer them the best solutions and options and always be there for them.

Q: Was there any particular situation in which you were the most proud of yourself, of your work and which is worth mentioning?

A: Probably a recent project, which spanned more than a month and where the challenge was to deliver in a very short time thousands of pages, without knowing the initial volume from the beginning of the project.

Q: Almost 4 years have past… how is Georgiana Barb, the Senior Project Manager, doing in comparison to Georgiana Barb which first got hired?

A: A better professionally prepared person, willing to keep learning and look for new challenging situations and atypical projects.


Consequences for not translating correctly your documentation

Consequences really represent the downside of all our actions. We are entirely free to make any choice we want, but we are not free from the consequences of the choice. Isn’t this true? By making sure that your documentation will have the best outcome, you can rest assured that the intend of development and your company brand will surpass your expectations.


When can we say that a documentation has been correctly translated?

When it comes to translation – we believe that by not having correctly translated your entire documentation – your company may face a series of challenges and repercussions that sooner or later will affect company growth, employees and your well being – as the CEO.

Over the past 10 years of experience within the specialized translation industry – Professional Translations has come across clients that have reached out to us in search of receiving correctly translated documentation as the documentation they were dealing with at that time consisted of numerous faults. As a specialized translation agency we know for a fact that the resources you delegate to handle each translation project are the most important. We take pride in the people we have come to collaborate based on experience level, professionalism, attention to details and most important field expertise. You as a client should have no concerns whatsoever if you know that these types of recipes have been delegated to handle your documentation.


Four-Legal-Consequences-of-Substance-Use-2Main consequences for not having translated correctly your documentation.

Consequences reflect our choices. According to the choices we make we are the only ones that can control the level of consequences that will reach us.

Translation wise – things stand the same. If you decide to take matters into your own hands, it’s best that the information gathered so that you can make the right call has no loose ends.

It will affect your brand! – if the documentation you are exposing to the other parties (abroad) does not send and emphasize the message entirely, your company brand can face a downfall. No employee or potential client would like to read a documentation of your company and get stuck with a bitter taste. The most frequently know sensation is when you read something and you realize from the get go that this text has been translated. Writing and comprehension are also key ingredients when we speak about translations – so make sure that your documentation does not lack those.

Company development – you cannot under any circumstances release a company translated document if the specific terminology has not been correctly translated. This aspect can lead to serious repercussions. Let’s say that a new employee is reading the instruction manual of a robot which he is about to programme. Precision in this type of situation is crucial. An entire line of production can be compromised if the robot failed to programmed accordingly.

English is not always the key – we all know that English is the world’s most know and spoken language, but that does not mean that everyone speaks it. Therefore, a solution for having translated your entire documentation into English as many employee play the translator part as well, is very doubtful. Allowing your documentation to be handled by professionals which translate  in the language of the country your company will branch out – represents the best investment you can make. No doubt about it.


Professional Translations can guarantee that your best ally when considering development abroad truly is accurate translations.


A professional translation partner: what should you expect?

Is it a good idea to have expectations ? Many of us would say the less you expect – the better the outcome, or rather the smaller the chances of being disappointed. In any area of life. Still, having expectations is part of our human being, that’s why it is important to learn how to manage them with the right balance.

When we speak about things that we pay money for – I think it’s clear that by not having expectations you may have the possibility to gain bigger things. The surprise, however, of receiving something in a better shape than expected – really, is not comparable to anything.

Also it’s not always a rule to expect something big if you pay a large amount of money. However, it is only natural to consider that if we pay more money for a product or service – we should only receive the best. Not the next best thing.

Sometimes, a higher price only mirrors the notoriety of the brand, while the quality of the product or service might be the same or even lower than that of a not so well known company.

Same goes for translations. In the sense that – some people live with the idea that money can solve everything. Not entirely true, but an experienced translation agency takes all precautions to achieve the best results for you. We at Professional Translations, know how important it is to keep your promises and deliver what you say you’re going to deliver.

So, referring to the key question that marks this article: what should you expect when it comes to a professional translation partner? We would like to take this opportunity and offer our point of view and we would like to invite you to keep reading… we know for a fact that the information presented below will meet your expectations! J

  1. Reliability – a professional translation partner should be just that. A reliable partner. Someone that you can trust, someone that will do what they say they’re going to do, someone that will anticipate your needs and will carry out all assignments brilliantly.
  2. Integrity – this being a value of Professional Translations – we could not continue this list without having mentioned a key ingredient of being a professional translation partner. No respectful translation agency should proceed in this or any business if integrity is not one of their qualities. Simple as that. Deliver your client what you initially agreed to. Don’t turn and toss.
  3. Passion – people that work from their heart will always be more empathetic, more „human”. In the sense that you, as a client, will feel that you are indeed talking to a real person who is ready to fulfill all your expectations and then some more. This type of person likes to make sure that your every need is met and maybe even exceeded… perhaps sending the translated documents a couple of hours earlier or has a future suggestion based on previous experiences that will benefit you. Take notice of the people you interact with from inside your translation partner and hang on to them. J
  4. Experience – throughout our 10 years experience as a specialized translation agency – we have managed to make a name in the translation industry and take pride in that. We have handled thousands of translation projects with different volumes, in different language combinations and in different areas of expertise. From 500 words up to 5,000,000 words – no project is handled differently as far as our promise is concerned. We take care of each project in the same manner – no matter the number of words, no matter the challenge We believe that this is the result of a professional team of people who are driven by the passion of achieving success, each and every day, without exception.

So there you have it! 4 reasons on why you SHOULD have expectations when it comes to partnering with a translation agency. Now you know and you can now HAVE expectations as you are entitled to them J


Translation time: how long does it actually take?

Everything in our life is set to be done at high-speed. This is the truth. No matter what are involved in – we have adapted to this rushed life-style. Every move we make is like being on a fast train. A few stops and even fewer stops to actually acknowledge, think, enjoy, feel. It’s become a fast-forward life and because of this we have managed to rush almost everything in our life. Even if, in some case, rushing is not an option. We have learnt to take no for an answer.

Jobs-Report-Being-Extremely-StressedThis „NO” attitude and constant rush may not always lead to the best outcome. Sure, we made it happen most of times, but with some things, tasks… you just have to take a step back, breath and admit… I cannot rush this and I cannot put any more pressure on the people around me to finish something that needs a certain time to actually finish.

How did we come to this conclusion? Well, part of it is our life also and we too deal with things that need to be rushed, but when it comes to translation, we can say that translation is really something you cannot rush.

Professional Translations has dealt with translations for the past decade and throughout this period we’ve come across a variation of deadlines and projects. When it comes to tight deadlines surrounding big volume projects there’s only one way to look at this. You must simply have to ask yourself if you want to obtain an excellent translation or a rather good one.
Some translations – according to their volumes, of course – can actually be performed in the nick of time, but with larger projects, the approach is very different. For the sake of getting the best outcome, you have to know the fact that the better you plan your translation schedule, it will we easier and more cost effective to receive an excellent translation. We know that sometimes planning ahead cannot always be of service, due to impromptu received translations and we completely understand. These are the situations when your dedicated project manager will build the most efficient linguists team to handle the translation in an extremely short period of time.

We remember one very challenging and interesting technical project of over 1 million words that we translated from English into Romanian, for which we assigned four experienced translators working at the same time, one reviser and one desktop publishing specialist. The project had to be delivered in a less than six months before a trade fair. Our team extracted the technical terminology from the original document, translated it, had it approved by our customer. Then the project started, having each file once translated, revised by the reviser and then arranged as the original layout. The communication between the team and our project manager was incredibly efficient and the customer was happy to have the manuals ready for the trade fair, being appreciated by his customers for the excellent choice of technical terminology and accuracy of the entire translation.

Moving on with some further recommendations, aside from a schedule that must be taken into consideration, the fact that one translator can translate between 8 and up to 10 pages per day, it is also important to know that some translators may not work during weekends and this is actually quite normal. J

Another interesting aspect that is crucial for you to know about “translation time” is the fact that the delivery time can be significantly reduced if the documents you provide are in an editable format. All our linguists work with very reliable translation software that can help with large volumes. This offers support in a real manner, it offers consistency, accuracy, impeccable layout of the final product and above all – it reduces the duration of finalizing a translation project by 50%. Thus, if your documentation is handled with the support of Computer Assisted translation tools, your benefits will exceed your expectations: time efficiency, saving costs and consistent high-quality throughout all your translations.

We really do hope that this article has managed to offer a larger view why translations should not be rushed, but rather performed in an organized and well-established manner… so that both parties obtain the best outcome: excellent translations for you and very satisfied clients for us! J



Building your business from the ground up? Personal insights from our CEO

One of the most important things in life is to acknowledge what your true passion is. What you like doing the most and what you think is worth getting up in the morning for. When you get to that point, you’ll know right from the start that the idea of work will come in a more natural way and you’ll strive to be the best in what you do.

Definitely, most people find themselves loving what they do at their everyday job because they find their challenge in it and they see opportunities to grow and feel accomplished at the end of the day, but there are cases when people feel the need to build something from the ground and think about the legacy they can pass on. You find such people being driven by a kind of enthusiasm that is not easy to understand by everyone. And you will see that it is this precise enthusiasm that will keep them going when the game gets tough. Most of them start from nothing and dream about changing the world. It is really inspiring!  However, the truth is less predictable.

2_gia4ibThe idea of being your own boss can be very appealing: to make all the important decisions, manage your own time and enjoy lots of money. But you will quickly see for yourself that if you are planning to build a fruitful and lasting business, you will slowly discover that being your own boss is first about responsibilities and then about benefits. And that it can turn into a complete failure if you fail at being a leader, which clearly stands for organized, patient, self-confident, trustworthy and above all – a persistent person.

What you need to know about starting your own company from scratch you will truly learn on your own, but it is also best that you rely on people who have already begun striving, who have dealt with different types of situations, have overcome many challenges  and can give you some guidance that might help you make the right choices along the way.

Professional Translations CEO, Mrs. Cristina Dama, is here to share some of her insights with you about developing your own company. The following tips and tricks come from over 10 years of personal experience in growing a B2B international business, currently serving global brands such as IFM Electronic, Continental or Hella. These pieces of advice are generally available for any type of business, not one in particular, but the one you dream about.

  1. Make sure you always have the best people in your team!

It is your people who drive the success of your company so, before working on any sales or marketing strategy, make sure you are working with the best people; they will be the ones representing your company and holding everything together once a new customer knocks on your door, so you better have people you can trust and who are self-motivated to turn every opportunity into a real success, otherwise you will waste too much effort and money on just trying to succeed.

When hiring, don’t focus too much on skills and experience, but look for people who are self-driven to achieve results both independently and as part of a team. And most important, look for people who share your most important values. Because no matter the most efficient strategy you implement for growing the company, if some people are not committed to share it, this will lower the performance and motivation of the rest of team.
Although it’s hard to believe, the secret of high performing people starts with you, the manager, therefore it is important to make sure you offer the right challenge to each member of your team. No one is great at everything, not even you, so why having your people waste energy and create frustration for themselves and everybody else by doing something for which they have no call or passion? It is your job as a leader to find their place in your company and to give them continuous challenges to help them grow. Once you make that choice for your team, always be there for them when they need your support or when they need to be reminded how great they are.

When it comes to the best way to achieve success, let your people figure it out by themselves, most of the times they will surprise you with their creativity. Everyone wants to succeed, so they will find ways. If you are lucky enough, excellent people almost don’t need to be managed at all!


  1. Set SMART objectives and share the responsibility with each member of your team!

Someone said that if you don’t know where you are going, any road can take you there. In business terms, only a goal that is written and clearly defined, can be achieved.
So, as a manager, among your key roles lies the responsibility to clearly set up long term and short term objectives and to share them with each member of your team.
Moreover, in order to make sure you have a clear view of where you are, and to make it transparent to the team as well, you must constantly evaluate the achieved results and implement adjustments if necessary.

What is not measured, does not exist, so part of your responsibilities as a manager is to measure the performance of each member in your team and company, regularly. Although it’s hard, because you are also human, try to be as objective as possible when it comes to your people and your company. If things are not going as expected, admit it, don’t think too much about it and take immediate measures, although sometimes not everyone is going to be happy.


  1. Focus on the big picture, always, no matter what

Lead, follow or get out of the way! It is something that I think about whenever I make important decisions in business or in life. As a manager, the more determined and self-disciplined you are in accomplishing your goals, the quicker you will get there. It is not easy to be the one who should be an example for each member in your team because, whether you realize it or not, the way you think, talk and act sends a strong message to each member in your team, so it is your responsibility to decide what exactly you want to communicate. What are you focusing your energy on? How much of your time is worth spending on something?

Someone said that we should fill our brains with giant dreams so there’s no space for petty pursuits. When growing your company, make sure you don’t spend your energy and time with unimportant issues, because there will be many. Make a ritual from remembering every morning why you started everything. This will help you focus on what brings value to your business and to the people in your team.