Q&A session: get to know your dedicated PM (part 1)

Professional Translations has dedicated its expertise and resources so that clients around the world can benefit from the greatest experience when it comes to a long term partnership with a specialized language provider.

We strive for the best results in terms of overall collaboration, assistance throughout an ongoing translation project and interesting benefits specially created for our most loyal clients.

We believe that sharing key values and similar vision of our companies can get us to experiencing the best outcome. Professionalism, quality translations and a good balance between the services that we provide and the afferent rates represent the key ingredients of a worthy translation agency.

Aside from these key ingredients – Professional Translations strongly believes that the people from within the company are the true pillars and foundation. Without them – little things would be possible. This is why – today – we’ve thought that you would be interested in getting to know a little better the people from within the company, the Project Managers with whom you have developed a wonderful and lucrative collaboration.

So, without any further ado – we would to invite you to get to know your dedicated Project Manager.

12109246_10153103046555308_8444171775578931198_nSenior Project Manager – Georgiana Barb

Q: Tell us a few things about yourself (a brief introduction of yourself as a person – what you like, what you enjoy doing in your free time, music, food …enough so that your clients can get to know you a little better).

A: I am an optimistic person, open to everything new, a person who loves traveling, reading, and the best way to relax and recharge my batteries with energy and good mood is to listen to the waves of the sea 🙂

Q: What does being a part of the Professional Translations’ team – most specifically being a PM within this company – mean to you?

A: Wonderful colleagues, real professionals and always there for me, plus a constant challenge as far as the PM work is concerned.

Q: What were your expectations about 4 years ago when you were hired as a PM?

A: Since I wanted a professional change, my expectations were to successfully handle the new challenge and to professionally develop in a field which was new for me.

Q: What is your favorite part about being a PM?

A: Complex projects, requiring several stages, from making the offer and up to the feedback received from the client after delivering the projects.

Q: What can your clients (old and new) expect from a Senior Project Manager from Professional Translations?

A: The same person, only better prepared to handle the delicate situations.

Q: Tell us a little bit about the relationship with your clients. (your ongoing collaboration for the past 4 years)

A: Like everywhere else, clients are different and special at the same time. You must understand each of them, offer them the best solutions and options and always be there for them.

Q: Was there any particular situation in which you were the most proud of yourself, of your work and which is worth mentioning?

A: Probably a recent project, which spanned more than a month and where the challenge was to deliver in a very short time thousands of pages, without knowing the initial volume from the beginning of the project.

Q: Almost 4 years have past… how is Georgiana Barb, the Senior Project Manager, doing in comparison to Georgiana Barb which first got hired?

A: A better professionally prepared person, willing to keep learning and look for new challenging situations and atypical projects.

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