How to translate much faster and with better results?

Translations have become an industry. An industry without which major brands around the world cannot extend their products across their country borders. Their development on a global scale would be grounded and plane. And what’s more, companies all around the world would not get the opportunity to spread their wings and reach out to so many people that would surely embrace their products.

As a professional translations agency, we have acknowledged that translations play an important role and that with each new year we too thrive for better results, better solutions when it comes to saving time and costs so that our clients – old and new – can benefit 100% from having trusted us with translating  their documentation . From what some of our customers have shared with us regarding their previous experience, we know how critical a situation might get if the assigned translation agency does not perform its job as it should and as the client is entitled to – and that is why we find ourselves in continuous progress – so that our customers may always get the result that matches or exceeds their expectations. That’s why, we believe that the passion to become better and better is essential for a translation agency if they want to help their customers achieve the best results over and over again.

speed_clock_mobLarge volumes can be handled faster and faster.

Company documents come in all shapes and sizes. Important as it is – the expertise of the translation agency in the field of the documentation to be handled is the most critical concern for most customers, in the sense that they ask their translation provider if a particular field of expertise or domain can be properly handled.

Sometimes customers ask for test translations to check in advance if the translation team owns the necessary experience with the specific terminology and style. From our point of view, all these can only confirm that customers are becoming more and more aware of the long term value of a translation and that they are ready to grant the right importance to it.

Sizable volumes also represent an interest point for new clients in search for the best translation partner to ensure a high quality translation of a large volume in a very short period of time.  Such projects should always be handled with great care, since the result must return the highest value for the customer and its brand even if there is the pressure of time.

Computer assisted technology in translations. Good to have or a must have?

In a world where almost everything is computer based – the translation sector could not have been left behind. Therefore, over the past decade – a highly specialized computer assisted technology has been developed to ease the job of translators worldwide.

So, what exactly is computer assisted technology ? How does it work and how can you benefit from it?

First we would like to point the fact that the there hasn’t been created a software which allows you to insert a text of your desire and obtain a trustworthy translation. Sure, it would sound very interesting, however, at this given moment in life – such a software does not exist. There still seems to be a long way until such a tool will be available, that is why translators are still the best choice when you need to translate your specialized documentation. They bring years and years of experience in softly understanding the text, its true meaning, the target audience and are able to connect all the dots to achieve the desired result by each customer.

Since  no machine is smart enough or high-tech enough yet to provide a 100% accurate translation – computer assisted technology in the world of translations is without any doubt a definite must because it helps the linguist obtain the best results possible, in the sense that: a content once translated – will be automatically inserted in the future segments if this content is found anywhere throughout the text; a linguist can create a term base – where all preferred terms will be safely regarded for future translations; and another example of how beneficial this tool is – is the fact that the linguist can create translation memories – for content that can be further on used in any other documents received from the same client.

Moreover, these procedures also imply a significant cost reduction of all future content received from the same party. So besides being able to have your documentation translated in a short period of time, you may also benefit from saving significant costs for it.

Having to translate faster and with better results can be a real challenge. However we feel  that it is possible, if one has the appropriate resources, both human and technological. Experience based on this fact is also the understanding that we, as a professional translation agency with over 11 years of experience in the industry, are able to achieve this for our customers time and time again.  And we are sure that the proof of the great results is most definitely our customers’ long term cooperation and their success.

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