Translations. Are they really so important? Why so important and why is it imperative that you find the best partner in terms of who handles the translation of your company documents? – how do you feel about gaining better market share through translation?

Translations are important not simply because we have handled thousands of translation projects for different types of clients and thus we have managed to complete a winning circle for our clients, but rather because we know what a significant impact translations can have over your company’s market share if they are performed accordingly.

Try to picture this entire world without translations and only then will you be able to understand the importance and the necessity of translation. In the words of Anthony Burgess – „Translation is not a matter of words only: it is a matter of making intelligible o whole culture.” We praise the words of this brilliant British writer and critic and we ask you to let us guide you through the path of obtaining better market share through this exact process: translations.

How many languages does your website “speak”?

Gaining market share is an aggressive strategy business owners use to strengthen their organizations while weakening competitors. Securing more customers for yourself means increasing revenues for your company and decreasing revenues for others. Increasing market share is not a one shot action, but a sustained process that needs a clear strategy, consistent approach and continuous improvement.

It is without a doubt that, but having your company’s documentation be handled by a specialized translation agency could help your company in so many ways. Let’s take the website of your company – for instance –  and reflect upon its overall image. If your company is located in Germany and the company website is translated in at least one international known language – your company will have a better chance of being selected as a future business partner by someone – simply because the information provided on your website made sense to a non-speaking German person.

As the internet has revolutionized the development of any business, companies that want to reach a larger group of people, also outside the borders of their country, have invested more and more into the globalization of their products and services. It’s only natural that people from all over the world would want to have access to pertinent and clear information without having to deal with only one language material, sometimes one that is not familiar to them at all. 

Better market share through translation? Yes, indeed!

Still, one of the most important tools by which your company could gain better market share is to translate all important marketing documentation into the mother tongue of the new audience that your company targets. Having the possibility to promote your company’s products in a different country than your own – is a huge responsibility. Whether your marketing documentation will be printed or available online, it most certainly implies a sustained investment. However, you can control these costs once you work with a language provider that is also focused on saving as many costs as possible for you. This appropriate language provider can ensure that the content already translated will be re-used with no other additional costs. And by the use of state of the art computer assisted software – it is very easy to accomplish that. Moreover, they can guide you in optimizing the strategy of translating your entire documentation within the preferred deadlines and with the highest return of investment.

All in all, when searching for a certain product or service, people nowadays have countless options to choose from, even if they will buy it or have it delivered from abroad. Customers have become highly informed before they buy something and this means that the opportunity for companies to be visible and trustworthy lies in how they communicate to their target audience.

Thus, communicating in the language of your customers through accurate and culture adapted translations should be an essential part of any business development plan that will have the highest chances of turning into a real success.

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