“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” – Steven Covey

It’s safe to say that nowadays everything is becoming more and more hectic, there are days where you seem swamped in a loath of work and at the end of the day go home with the feeling that you didn’t get to do anything. It’s quite normal to get to that point, but it’s not normal to get discouraged  or to feel guilty in any way.

Have you ever wondered at the end of a totally chaotic day… “What went wrong today? What could I’ve done better so that tomorrow I can start fresh and not have to deal with things that were supposed to be completed yesterday?”

You’re doing everything as you’re supposed to, but the truth of the matter is that you missed the part where you prioritize your daily tasks. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter the quantity of work you managed to get done, but rather if you managed to handle each task according to its level of priority.

No need to worry if you don’t start your day with a list, you can and it is important that you start now! Make this small chance and we promise you’ll see the difference. No idea where you can start? Professional Translations is here to guide you in this matter and we will surely meet your expectations:


first things first prioritizeSo, how can you successfully prioritize your activities?

  1. Start a TO-DO list: and here we don’t mean that you should write down your ideas on different color post-its or say “Note to self: don’t forget to…”; this won’t work. Every morning take your agenda and write what you want to get done and by when. Rank the tasks you wrote by importance. This should be a great starting point.
  1. Workload – review it on a regular basis: from our experience there is a task which most of times ends up at the bottom of every list and by this time you might be avoiding it; handle it before it’s not too late! 
  1. Set realistic deadlines for each task: it’s never a good idea to set deadlines based on what you imagine it might take to finish each task, but rather on how you know from experience it will take to properly handle them. Trust us, no one will be looking at your list to see how long it will take you to finish your weekly report. Nobody is checking that list, but you. Be true to yourself. This will always come in handy. 
  1. Multitasking? Not really! – studies have shown that people who multitask are more likely to fail at finishing tasks within a specific set deadline or even fail to accomplish any task. Take one step at a time and don’t get the impression that you will manage more tasks if you start 5 things at the same time. You’ll get lost in details and at the end of the day realize that you didn’t do much. 
  1. Prioritize = Focus: many of us start our day doing something – then the next thing you know the phone is ringing, you get 5 new emails and a colleague is asking you something. Sound familiar? Well, it’s quite common, but the trick is to not get stuck or distracted too long so that what you initially started fades to the back of your head. Prioritizing will help you focus a lot more, never get to say “So, what was I doing before the phone rang?” and always keep you on track.


We hope that our tips and tricks have been helpful and that you’ll put them to the task. Let us know how did you find this article. Share your thoughts with us.

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