Ensure appropriate technical terminology in your translation

Everyone knows how challenging it can be to make sure that whoever handles a certain task – does it well from the beginning and will ensure a proper quality time and time again.

The same goes when deciding to outsource your company’s translations. At first you will experience a feeling of uncertainty, you will worry and ask yourself more questions with every step you take in closing a long term partnership with a translation agency.


We take pride in the fact that for the past 10 years  – clients from all over the world have made the right call when it comes to selecting their partner to carefully and professionally handle their translations – and found what they were looking for in Professional Translations.

There is no limit or boundary to what this business area has to offer and many translation agencies strive for the exact same things as we do, but we strongly feel that in your search to find the perfect fit is to identify the key ingredient which best applies to your values and goals.

A professional and reliable support system in terms of translations should offer a whole package and then some (delivering a translation project a couple of days earlier than the established deadline, the dedicated Project Managers whom are ready to provide guidance and the best advice in terms of obtaining the best results etc). In your search you should pay attention on the type of services this potential translation agency has to offer, company values, consulting services, specialized linguists that have background experience, a unique person with whom you will be in touch for all your upcoming translation projects and nonetheless rates that are and always will be competitive. Another important aspect to keep in mind when you begin your search for the perfect fit – when it comes to selecting the appropriate translation agency – is to look for testimonials on behalf of their clients. People which have found a reliable source, transparent and always ready to deliver quality services – have no reason to lie or to give out testimonials for granted.


Knowing that you’ve found the right partner that will strive to make you happy every single time is just as rewarding as finding the job of your dreams. Technical fields of expertise aren’t for everyone and that’s ok. Not everyone is “designed” to carry out intricate technical work in their lifetime.

So, picture this: a prepared documentation by a certain technical team from within your company is due to be translated. Imagine the outcome once you receive your translated documentation and realize that a lot of key factors were not taken into consideration by the assigned linguist: consistency in the terminology used,  the message of certain phrases is misleading, the incorrect use of technical terminology and the lack of overall comprehension of the text. This would not be such a pretty picture.

A specialized translation agency which has handled thousands of technical translation projects is something you should be looking for when closing a partnership with a translation agency due to the fact that a specialized translation agency will make sure to assign the most qualified linguists to handle the job. We speak about assigning the appropriate linguists because it is crucial to make sure that a technical documentation is handled by experienced linguists which furthermore have a background in the field of your documentation.

Linguists which have a serious background in the technical department are the type of translators that also have over a decade of experience in translation projects and know the ins and outs of areas like robotics, automotive, medical equipment, manufacturing, packaging, welding, forging and so on. We would like to take this opportunity and stress out the fact that these are not areas of expertise fit for just any linguist. A professional translations agency will know to assign a specific linguist which is specialized in one of two areas of expertise, due to the fact that such a linguist will more familiar with certain technical terminology.

That’s why your go-to, perfect fit translation agency has also done its homework in terms of recruiting the best of the best. Thoroughness, tests, interviews, background checks, complete verification of all documents are things we rely on when placing our confidence in the people that will eventually handle your translations.

We’d like to think that by debating the theme of how you can ensure appropriate technical terminology of your documents within this article – we’ve managed to meet your needs so that you take into consideration all aspects when it comes to translations. Technical translations in particular. Finding the right translation agency which follows the above mentioned guidelines represents your insurance. In this case, at least! J

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