Consequences for not translating correctly your documentation

Consequences really represent the downside of all our actions. We are entirely free to make any choice we want, but we are not free from the consequences of the choice. Isn’t this true? By making sure that your documentation will have the best outcome, you can rest assured that the intend of development and your company brand will surpass your expectations.


When can we say that a documentation has been correctly translated?

When it comes to translation – we believe that by not having correctly translated your entire documentation – your company may face a series of challenges and repercussions that sooner or later will affect company growth, employees and your well being – as the CEO.

Over the past 10 years of experience within the specialized translation industry – Professional Translations has come across clients that have reached out to us in search of receiving correctly translated documentation as the documentation they were dealing with at that time consisted of numerous faults. As a specialized translation agency we know for a fact that the resources you delegate to handle each translation project are the most important. We take pride in the people we have come to collaborate based on experience level, professionalism, attention to details and most important field expertise. You as a client should have no concerns whatsoever if you know that these types of recipes have been delegated to handle your documentation.


Four-Legal-Consequences-of-Substance-Use-2Main consequences for not having translated correctly your documentation.

Consequences reflect our choices. According to the choices we make we are the only ones that can control the level of consequences that will reach us.

Translation wise – things stand the same. If you decide to take matters into your own hands, it’s best that the information gathered so that you can make the right call has no loose ends.

It will affect your brand! – if the documentation you are exposing to the other parties (abroad) does not send and emphasize the message entirely, your company brand can face a downfall. No employee or potential client would like to read a documentation of your company and get stuck with a bitter taste. The most frequently know sensation is when you read something and you realize from the get go that this text has been translated. Writing and comprehension are also key ingredients when we speak about translations – so make sure that your documentation does not lack those.

Company development – you cannot under any circumstances release a company translated document if the specific terminology has not been correctly translated. This aspect can lead to serious repercussions. Let’s say that a new employee is reading the instruction manual of a robot which he is about to programme. Precision in this type of situation is crucial. An entire line of production can be compromised if the robot failed to programmed accordingly.

English is not always the key – we all know that English is the world’s most know and spoken language, but that does not mean that everyone speaks it. Therefore, a solution for having translated your entire documentation into English as many employee play the translator part as well, is very doubtful. Allowing your documentation to be handled by professionals which translate  in the language of the country your company will branch out – represents the best investment you can make. No doubt about it.


Professional Translations can guarantee that your best ally when considering development abroad truly is accurate translations.

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