Why you should work with Professional Translations?

– We are one of the most important specialised translation agencies in Romania;
– We are a reliable translation provider for more and more well-known customers worldwide;
– Excellence is a value that we quickly recognize and reward;
– We give each translator the opportunity to translate in their main fields of expertise;
– We provide the chance to translate for big customers, some of the most appreciated brands worldwide;
– We think globally.




Million words translated
Thousand finalised pages
Specialised translators
International customers
Managed projects


– to have graduated from a Faculty of Modern Languages or to be graduate of a technical/economic/legal/medical faculty in a foreign language. You may also be a native speaker of a different language than your mother tongue;
– to have at least 2 years’ experience within specialized translations
– to have at least 2 positive references from your customers;
– to be able to issue invoices;
– to use at least one CAT tool (preferably SDL Trados) > this is an advantage;
– to be driven by excellence;
– to be an efficient communicator;
– to be a certified translator > this is an advantage.




How to apply:

If you would like us to work together, we invite you to send an updated CV and the Application Form filled in to our Human Resources department, at the following e-mail address:

If your experience matches the requirements of our company for a partnership in translations, we will contact you to take the next step of our recruitment process described below.

* Recruitment process for international translators at Professional Translations:
1. Evaluating the CV and Application Form;
2. Analyzing your recommendations;
3. Rates negotiation;
4. Signing the contract for the provision of services;
5. Creating an account in our workflow system Plunet;
6. Assigning the first project.

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Project managers ensure that each translation project is carried out with excellent results. They pay attention to detail, are skilled organisers and results-oriented, and they allocate the most suitable resources, always delivering exactly what the client wants, and then some more!


Human resource managers recruit the best translators worldwide. They are skilled negotiators and empathise easily with others. They continuously ensure that the necessary human resources are available for the company, and they develop excellent relations with each of them!


The key account managers identify the challenges faced by the clients and assist them in reaching their goals on a global scale. They are energetic and optimistic, extraordinary communicators, and are always searching for opportunities; they communicate daily with global leaders and suggest efficient solutions!






Translators are experienced within several specialisation areas, and they translate into their mother tongue. They identify the most suitable terminology and they adapt the translation to the local culture.


Revisers are experts in one specialisation area and they make sure that the right terms are being used. They revise translations and confirm the choices made by the translators!


Interpreters communicate efficiently in one or more languages. They integrate the specific terminology in that area of specialisation and adapt the message to suit the target audience.


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