Building your business from the ground up? Personal insights from our CEO

One of the most important things in life is to acknowledge what your true passion is. What you like doing the most and what you think is worth getting up in the morning for. When you get to that point, you’ll know right from the start that the idea of work will come in a more natural way and you’ll strive to be the best in what you do.

Definitely, most people find themselves loving what they do at their everyday job because they find their challenge in it and they see opportunities to grow and feel accomplished at the end of the day, but there are cases when people feel the need to build something from the ground and think about the legacy they can pass on. You find such people being driven by a kind of enthusiasm that is not easy to understand by everyone. And you will see that it is this precise enthusiasm that will keep them going when the game gets tough. Most of them start from nothing and dream about changing the world. It is really inspiring!  However, the truth is less predictable.

2_gia4ibThe idea of being your own boss can be very appealing: to make all the important decisions, manage your own time and enjoy lots of money. But you will quickly see for yourself that if you are planning to build a fruitful and lasting business, you will slowly discover that being your own boss is first about responsibilities and then about benefits. And that it can turn into a complete failure if you fail at being a leader, which clearly stands for organized, patient, self-confident, trustworthy and above all – a persistent person.

What you need to know about starting your own company from scratch you will truly learn on your own, but it is also best that you rely on people who have already begun striving, who have dealt with different types of situations, have overcome many challenges  and can give you some guidance that might help you make the right choices along the way.

Professional Translations CEO, Mrs. Cristina Dama, is here to share some of her insights with you about developing your own company. The following tips and tricks come from over 10 years of personal experience in growing a B2B international business, currently serving global brands such as IFM Electronic, Continental or Hella. These pieces of advice are generally available for any type of business, not one in particular, but the one you dream about.

  1. Make sure you always have the best people in your team!

It is your people who drive the success of your company so, before working on any sales or marketing strategy, make sure you are working with the best people; they will be the ones representing your company and holding everything together once a new customer knocks on your door, so you better have people you can trust and who are self-motivated to turn every opportunity into a real success, otherwise you will waste too much effort and money on just trying to succeed.

When hiring, don’t focus too much on skills and experience, but look for people who are self-driven to achieve results both independently and as part of a team. And most important, look for people who share your most important values. Because no matter the most efficient strategy you implement for growing the company, if some people are not committed to share it, this will lower the performance and motivation of the rest of team.
Although it’s hard to believe, the secret of high performing people starts with you, the manager, therefore it is important to make sure you offer the right challenge to each member of your team. No one is great at everything, not even you, so why having your people waste energy and create frustration for themselves and everybody else by doing something for which they have no call or passion? It is your job as a leader to find their place in your company and to give them continuous challenges to help them grow. Once you make that choice for your team, always be there for them when they need your support or when they need to be reminded how great they are.

When it comes to the best way to achieve success, let your people figure it out by themselves, most of the times they will surprise you with their creativity. Everyone wants to succeed, so they will find ways. If you are lucky enough, excellent people almost don’t need to be managed at all!


  1. Set SMART objectives and share the responsibility with each member of your team!

Someone said that if you don’t know where you are going, any road can take you there. In business terms, only a goal that is written and clearly defined, can be achieved.
So, as a manager, among your key roles lies the responsibility to clearly set up long term and short term objectives and to share them with each member of your team.
Moreover, in order to make sure you have a clear view of where you are, and to make it transparent to the team as well, you must constantly evaluate the achieved results and implement adjustments if necessary.

What is not measured, does not exist, so part of your responsibilities as a manager is to measure the performance of each member in your team and company, regularly. Although it’s hard, because you are also human, try to be as objective as possible when it comes to your people and your company. If things are not going as expected, admit it, don’t think too much about it and take immediate measures, although sometimes not everyone is going to be happy.


  1. Focus on the big picture, always, no matter what

Lead, follow or get out of the way! It is something that I think about whenever I make important decisions in business or in life. As a manager, the more determined and self-disciplined you are in accomplishing your goals, the quicker you will get there. It is not easy to be the one who should be an example for each member in your team because, whether you realize it or not, the way you think, talk and act sends a strong message to each member in your team, so it is your responsibility to decide what exactly you want to communicate. What are you focusing your energy on? How much of your time is worth spending on something?

Someone said that we should fill our brains with giant dreams so there’s no space for petty pursuits. When growing your company, make sure you don’t spend your energy and time with unimportant issues, because there will be many. Make a ritual from remembering every morning why you started everything. This will help you focus on what brings value to your business and to the people in your team.

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