A professional translation partner: what should you expect?

Is it a good idea to have expectations ? Many of us would say the less you expect – the better the outcome, or rather the smaller the chances of being disappointed. In any area of life. Still, having expectations is part of our human being, that’s why it is important to learn how to manage them with the right balance.

When we speak about things that we pay money for – I think it’s clear that by not having expectations you may have the possibility to gain bigger things. The surprise, however, of receiving something in a better shape than expected – really, is not comparable to anything.

Also it’s not always a rule to expect something big if you pay a large amount of money. However, it is only natural to consider that if we pay more money for a product or service – we should only receive the best. Not the next best thing.

Sometimes, a higher price only mirrors the notoriety of the brand, while the quality of the product or service might be the same or even lower than that of a not so well known company.

Same goes for translations. In the sense that – some people live with the idea that money can solve everything. Not entirely true, but an experienced translation agency takes all precautions to achieve the best results for you. We at Professional Translations, know how important it is to keep your promises and deliver what you say you’re going to deliver.

So, referring to the key question that marks this article: what should you expect when it comes to a professional translation partner? We would like to take this opportunity and offer our point of view and we would like to invite you to keep reading… we know for a fact that the information presented below will meet your expectations! J

  1. Reliability – a professional translation partner should be just that. A reliable partner. Someone that you can trust, someone that will do what they say they’re going to do, someone that will anticipate your needs and will carry out all assignments brilliantly.
  2. Integrity – this being a value of Professional Translations – we could not continue this list without having mentioned a key ingredient of being a professional translation partner. No respectful translation agency should proceed in this or any business if integrity is not one of their qualities. Simple as that. Deliver your client what you initially agreed to. Don’t turn and toss.
  3. Passion – people that work from their heart will always be more empathetic, more „human”. In the sense that you, as a client, will feel that you are indeed talking to a real person who is ready to fulfill all your expectations and then some more. This type of person likes to make sure that your every need is met and maybe even exceeded… perhaps sending the translated documents a couple of hours earlier or has a future suggestion based on previous experiences that will benefit you. Take notice of the people you interact with from inside your translation partner and hang on to them. J
  4. Experience – throughout our 10 years experience as a specialized translation agency – we have managed to make a name in the translation industry and take pride in that. We have handled thousands of translation projects with different volumes, in different language combinations and in different areas of expertise. From 500 words up to 5,000,000 words – no project is handled differently as far as our promise is concerned. We take care of each project in the same manner – no matter the number of words, no matter the challenge We believe that this is the result of a professional team of people who are driven by the passion of achieving success, each and every day, without exception.

So there you have it! 4 reasons on why you SHOULD have expectations when it comes to partnering with a translation agency. Now you know and you can now HAVE expectations as you are entitled to them J

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